09, 2017

7 Common Wet Shaving Mistakes

Wet shaving isn’t as simple as lather and shave, which is why it can take beginners a little practice to get right. Here are seven common wet shaving mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Not Scheduling Enough Time

Wet shaving is a process with many steps. Each of these steps builds onto the next one. Missing any of these steps means you won’t get as good a shave as you would like. It can be easy to get lazy and believe a step isn’t necessary or not set aside enough time to shave. You want to get the closest shave possible every time and doing so means setting aside sufficient time to complete your wet shave.

2. Not Washing Your Face Beforehand

Thoroughly cleaning your face before you begin shaving is a must for a successful shave. Washing your face before you start shaving removes any dirt or oil that may be on your skin. A clean face will ensure your razor glides over it easily and it prevents nicks or infections that can occur because of lingering bacteria on your face.

3. Using a Blade Too Many Times

You should change your blades at least every other shave. Using a razor too many times means you have to work harder to get the same close shave. The added pressure can cause nicks and irritation, as well as razor bumps.

4. Using Too Many Strokes

This wet shaving mistake ties into the previous one. You don’t want to shave in one place too many times. Too many strokes makes it more likely you will cut yourself. You can also irritate the skin, which may cause ingrown hairs and other skin abrasions. While it will take some time, you want to remove your facial hair in as few strokes as possible.

5. Shaving Against the Grain

Shaving against the grain is the primary cause of razor bumps. You greatly aggravate your skin when you shave against your natural growth pattern. Unfortunately, the hair on your face likely doesn’t grow in just one direction, so it will take some time to learn which way to shave each area of your face.

6. Being Stingy With the Lather

Lather is your friend. It is there to protect your face and make your shave a smooth and comfortable experience. Don’t fret that you’re using too much and don’t let your lather dry out and become pasty as that can lead to a poor shaving experience. Lather generously and re-lather as needed.

7. Not Using Aftershave

Your shave isn’t complete until you have applied aftershave to your face. After shaving, your skin needs some tender, loving care. Aftershave helps soothe the skin and cut down on razor burn.

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