Please note we have introduced a new booking system.
The new system is far more advanced and has many benefits, including making multiple bookings.  There is a new app which can be downloaded from links below at App Store and Play Store.



The easiest and best way to guarantee your appointment is by booking online.  You can book through the website or through our easy to use 18Fourteen app.  

On Time Arrival
Our Team makes every effort to keep appointments running on time, and we ask the same of our clients to ensure they receive a consistent service each time they visit. For clients who arrive late, we will hold your appointment for a maximum of 10 minutes but cannot guarantee your appointment after that point.
If you are taken – your appointment will be cut short to ensure our schedule continues to run on time.

Cancellation Policy
We recognise that our clients have busy and unpredictable schedules, however the number of clients we can serve each day is also limited.
Therefore, ‘no-show’ clients will be charged in full for the services they have booked. This will include
• clients who arrive late (and cannot be taken)
• clients who cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of their reservation