Wash, cut and style | £25.00
Includes a shampoo and head massage, a haircut by a Senior barber and styling/finish

Restyle | £35.00
Thinking of going for a new style? Sit back and let one of our Senior barbers reinvent your look even better than you expected!

Skin Fade Haircut | £30.00
Let our skilled barbers give you that perfect fade

Clipper Cut | £20.00 
Clipper cut all over 1 grade only, wash and finish.

Beard Shape & Groom | £20.00
If you want to keep your beard looking flawless let one of our Senior Barbers prep and prime your beard with luxurious oils and products designed specifically to allow perfect precision for beard grooming and care

Haircut, Wash and Style & Beard shape and Groom Package | £40.00

Hot Towel Shave | £30.00
Enjoy the pleasure of having our skilled barber carry out a hot towel shave using a range of products and techniques to give you a clean, invigorating experience

Children under 12 | £15.00
Our barbers are highly experienced in cutting the hair of the younger man

Students under 21 | £20.00
Haircut and style for the young adult

Student Skin Fade Haircut | £25.00 
Let our skilled barbers give you that perfect fade (under 21 only and no wash)

Father & Son | £35.00
Why not bring your mini me along with you, not only will he love being groomed like a grown up, you will also get some Father/Son Bonding time! (children under 12)

Colour Blend | £20.00
Using our precision colour blending system to cover those greys in a natural way.

Haircut, Wash and Style & Colour Blend Package | £40.00